Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Baby, You Left in Hurry

You Killed Me

Baby, you left in hurry and forgot to collect your heart;
The one you gave me to keep till we part.
Baby, you left in hurry and tore me apart;
The dreams shattered and so is my heart.
Baby, you left in hurry to make a new start;
The promise is broken and so is your sweetheart.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Best Of Me

Would the last of me be the best of me
How would life be for her without me
Will I miss little pleasures like tea
What about Grand slams and grand prix
I possibly can't forsee
How this world would be without me
Better, cleaner, happier or infested by flees
Don't take me seriously, I plea
Did I mention, I am deficient in Vitamin D
And I have never seen a lime tree
Let there be smiles for everyone to see
Cheers to this life and U2's Joshua Tree
The last of me would be the best of me

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I say, "baby you my life".

She calls and says, "you do not miss me".
I say, "baby, don't start a fight".
"You want me to go away" and she breaks down.
I feel sad and whisper, holding her picture tight,
"Baby, you my life.  Baby, you my life".

"I would leave this world, just to be with you always.
I promise sugar, I would run to you when you call my name.
Please don't say, I want you to go away.
Baby baby... you my life, you my life".

She soften and say, "I miss you so".
Her voice crackles, she says,"I would die".
"Life playing tricks on us, we should be brave".
I take a deep breath and tell her it would be all right,
"No one can take it from us.
Baby, baby... you my life".

Smile come through, she cheers up.
"Fly me away, never to come back to this place".
"I would one day, be my strength.
You my life... baby, I miss you".

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Listen To My Heart

Tell her I love her
Listen to my heart
It shouts her name
Her scent is deep in me

One life in not enough
To live in her love
I want a second life
Thousand lives sold on her

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Rhyme

This dream for another time
A step too big for someone my kind
Looking for a better rhyme
A new poem that is sublime
Her sweet nothing worse than mine
Ah! feels divine
I liked many part-time
I am glad I met her in this life time