Friday, April 29, 2011

River of Dreams

River of dreams flow through my head
Inviting me to take a ride
A promise to deliver me to a beautiful land
Where I might find a nubile bride

I laughed at the suggestion
"I am an old boy", turn the dream off
I was not heard
There I was in a bride shop

I was a lucky man
Embarrassed, I walked to the first beauty
She said, ‘Boy, you hungry for more’
I replied, ‘the dream did the duty’

She said, ‘I would walk with you
Give me a promise.
Forget me when the dream is dead.
And don't ever be a doubting Thomas.’

I woke up light headed
Found myself on the bar floor
Dirt shirt and alcohol breathe
‘WE CLOSED’ hanging on the door

Monday, April 11, 2011


Your spirit pure and free
You shower happiness like monsoon
More humane than most
You mock the immortals
Each step lightly placed
You walk like a princess
The soft curls in you dark black hair
bounce at each step leaving me breathless
Your soft rosy lips
I wish I could kiss them always
Face so beautiful
Leaving me sleepless in the night
And restless for life

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I weaved some dreams crazy
Shed tears of sadness
Sleepless night spent
While the toad croaked and the drums played
Long dark nights endured
Just to see her morning smile
It could be done only for her

I hold this beautiful red stone heart
Symbol of pure love and friendship
Wishing if I could go back
And relive those days
The days that started with her smile
And ended with me falling asleep beside her

Her faint smile and hearty laughter
She shared in abundance leaving me rich
Slippers floating in air and the piano's tune
Happy making of a different kind
If I could ask God for one thing
I would ask for a million Her