Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hold me, Love me


Hello... do you care to listen
I am not alone, don't be mistaken
You looked at me with care
And then put on those big glares
This world is not going to end
And neither I am going to blend

You would see me everywhere
I might be your sweetest nightmare
How did I rise to be a great pain?
Don't wonder. I am a big Shame.
You can't keep me out of your hair
Try, your favourite prayer

The subtle bruises on your neck
Would tell my story of trek
Ah! now this is getting exciting
That's what they call bad writing
There is a lot left in me
Passion for the night, you would agree

My radio plays the song, "hold me,love me"
And, I finish my last smoke with glee
I can't find the right word to rhyme
To tell this feeling sublime
Look back, I am still there
Burning for you, holding the last tear

Thursday, September 27, 2012


This pain is going to kill me
If it doesn't, I am not getting any stronger
I maybe forgetting the small details
But, your touch still lingers
The picture of the dream with you
Hangs on my unfinished wish wall
A word is all I wait for
And your tight lipped smile to die for
All in all I am alone
And without you so lonely
A bullet through my head
May quieten me this autumn

Monday, September 10, 2012

Beautiful Without You

It's beautiful without you
I found this tonight
This smile is real
The words are true
A year gone by
A year off my mind
The bad poetry of mourning is dead
The whiff of new flowers, hits me hard
Making reasons to live
This new me is better than the one you loved
How should I say it again?
It's beautiful without you