Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Stationary Life

The summer breeze kisses him lightly
Telling him the story of her long travel
Through the deep valley and mountain high
Of the kings and the great beauties
Of the wise-men and the wasted
He replies, I have a happy home to hung to
A little one to tug at me and wipe his nose
And then their is you to put some life in me
I would be like you one day
And my soul would fly
I would be free while they weep
And would run past the horizon of sight
Till then keep bringing me news my friend

Monday, May 2, 2011


Life broke me each day
Burned deep hole
Like cigarette butt into velvet
She stood by me
Like a shadow
Didn't let me fall
Cheered me up
We lived a good life together
And now she is leaving me
She send me out to get flowers
Only time she asked for something
I came back with lilac
She smiled and hugged them
"I couldn't have been happy with anyone but you"
She left me but happy