Sunday, December 27, 2009

Unfriend Vs Unsocial

How many of us fear getting bumped into our old pals?

I met with an old pal after a long time (a chance meeting). He expressed his surprise at me not trying to catch up with the old pals (through the countless virtual social groups and communities floating in the cyber world). I coyly replied - I am usually busy with work and moreover they do not let us use internet at work (I blatantly lied to him). The real reason was I didn't want to see him again, ever again after college and had he somehow sneaked into my friend list, I would have unfriended him ('unfriend' - a polite word for booting someone out of your friend list, I love this word) and then their is the fear of being institutionalized.

Who wants to join an institution?

I have always feared joining institutes (dragged myself laboriously and unwilling through some big doors for many a years). I feel they tend to make you more like them then what you want to be. I find communities and groups akin to the dreaded institutes and then their is the status message and location which I fret (gives me chill and my local tailor made shirt a darker hue - complex). Most of my mates from school and college happen to be in Canada, UK, Scotland, France et al.

What have you achieved in your life?

Have I achieved less then most or too righteous to say I am what I wanted to be or  plain embarrassed to say I couldn't make it as big as them (and jealous too). Whatever might be the reason, I like to keep my distance from the insidious social networking websites (for reasons we most know well - many have burned their fingers and reputation).

 Let's jump!!!

Today, I parried another request to join a community and I am feeling unrighteous about it - it was a cute suggestion. I so wanted to join it but said no - I might have to see a shaman to drive the unsocial devil out.

And then I came across this - 'Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about’.

Don't be surprised if you stumble upon a profile like-

Kamal Sharma
CEO - SHARK International Pvt. Ltd.
Location - USA
Status - On Vacation in Aspen

In five years, will this matter.


Anonymous said...

Do we continue to be friends after we unfriend somebody?

Harsh Nema said...

Shark International Pvt Ltd.. does it not exist today? your other blog :)

Anonymous said...

For one its real but then we need to accept that no matter how far we run run from these we will be hunted for sure.

Anonymous said...

Aha! Shark International Pvt Ltd...Hmmm... They say we have enough ideas, what we need is the recipe to deal with the ideas. Enjoyed reading the thoughts in your head.

valdvamp said...

This was a good read !