Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Girl With The lamb

Bring your ear near, my dear;
I would tell you a story true.
Runs it not in reams,
But has an interesting theme.
The hero is a young man;
Tough at the Himalayan ram.
Tried he hard to win nubile hearts,
To learn it’s easy to mend shards.
He gives up the dream,
And settled in the mountain serene.
One day he finds a lamb in his yard,
Then a sweet voice from the valley far.
He ran inside to run a comb through his hair,
And pulled he his best shirt on with flair.
The sweet was cute with rosy cheek and black eyes;
She sighed and said I wish I didn't had marriage ties.
She turned around with teary eyes;
The hero clutched his aching heart and became wise.
He lived on to write the greatest love story,
Pity he died a lonely man before his glory.

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