Monday, May 2, 2011


Life broke me each day
Burned deep hole
Like cigarette butt into velvet
She stood by me
Like a shadow
Didn't let me fall
Cheered me up
We lived a good life together
And now she is leaving me
She send me out to get flowers
Only time she asked for something
I came back with lilac
She smiled and hugged them
"I couldn't have been happy with anyone but you"
She left me but happy


Anonymous said...

I don't like lilacs. She was nuts like yourself.Why did she leave you if she couldn't have been happy with anyone but you? I like the former poem much better.

Anonymous said...

Life lifted me up each day,
Still I was too scared to stay,
Didn't know just how to pray,
Make these demons go away.

Wanted to give you a task to fulfill,
Help this dream become something real,
Thought about asking for Lilac in Decemeber,
A time they don't bloom so far I remeber.

And yet there you were with Lilac in hands,
So happy and suddenly all making plans,
I lied to you, said we'll stay friends,
And send our love through rusty pens.

Yours, Kelly :D

Anonymous said...

I need to talk to you. I mean I need to talk to someone.(aras)

Anonymous said...

this happymakee is taken Sara, but for a fair amount of any fiat currency I'd be glad to share some of his moments of 100% madness :-)