Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Girl

I waited for her to say she loves me
The seasons passed so fast
The days turned into years
She would smile but not say a word
I would sit beside her
Listening to her giggle 
I would smile at heaven
And pray the time stops
Made her my muse
Left a tome of unread poems
Counted stars and wasted sleep
And then I lost her to time

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A muse amuses, not confesses,
For that you can have mistresses,
They'll ask for stars and leave you broke,
And take your poems for a joke.

You fall a sleep so early,
She looks at you so dearly,
Tells you of moon and stars,
Pianos, fractals, bars...
Or mint chocolate,
Or space ships and her rocket!

Am sure she told you, she must have,
But you're too dreamy in your cave,
Funny that you recall her smile,
Your super brain- smart& agile :-)
Be careful when she talks next time,
She may propose you with a rhyme!