Saturday, August 13, 2011

She Loved A Wrong Man

She loved a wrong man
Who wanted to marry her
Who wanted to take her everywhere
Who wanted the best for her
The man who wanted her

She loved a wrong man
Who waited for her
Who heard her
Who fed her
The man who hugged her

She loved a wrong man
Who walked with her
Who listened to her
Who comforted her
The man who loved her


aarkay said...

When she loved her and he cared for her, I wonder, how he was a wrong man or where and how the things went wrong !

Kamal Sharma said...

That is what she thinks.

Sarah said...

Either the woman cannot understand what true love is... or is trying to distance herself for a certain (hidden) reason... But honestly in real life, this man seems too good to be true ;)

Bikramjit said...

so common these days to find such things happening ..

the trust is gone i guess and always looking for something better is the idea


Anonymous said...

I didn't like it. Don't like poems written about love.

"A" in the title should be small not capital. (Sara)

Ashish Chauhan said...

It happens. Most of the times true love is not recognized. They see what they want to see and not fool themselves. Anyway... It cannot be helped. Feelings cannot be forced.