Friday, October 7, 2011

Thirty Three

I would wait for her to call
To tell me I have turned thirty three
And still young for her
To tell me that she loves me
And can't wait to see me again
Her soft words would sooth me
And would sure draw a tear
Gently it would rolls down the cheek
And wet her picture
I would wait for the time
When she would be mine
I would miss her
When I turn thirty three


Ashish Chauhan said...

A touching piece. Feelings are involved there I can feel.

Anonymous said...

Hi,how are you doing?

Anonymous said...

Forever 33, unlikely to be free,
Of course she will not call to wish a happy troll,
You'll save some tears and keep the picture dry,
Forever her facebook profile spy.

But when on 34,
your luck may swim to shore,
She'll drop you a quick line
To say she's doing fine,
That she forgot last year,
And then you'll get your tear.

Kamal Sharma said...

It seems you had no talking point
You cynic & joy kill; let you be appoint
I would have to disappoint
33 is a big turning point

A sage told me when I was 17
33 would be the year of milk and honey
A beautiful lover and lots of money
The world at feet and cute bunny

Let those naysayers enthrall
At my expense they can have a ball
I would wait till the last tear fall
I know she would call