Thursday, September 27, 2012


This pain is going to kill me
If it doesn't, I am not getting any stronger
I maybe forgetting the small details
But, your touch still lingers
The picture of the dream with you
Hangs on my unfinished wish wall
A word is all I wait for
And your tight lipped smile to die for
All in all I am alone
And without you so lonely
A bullet through my head
May quieten me this autumn


Anonymous said...

What pain is going to kill you? The atmosphere in the poem is so gloomy. The speaker of your poems hasn't realized yet nobody in the whole world is worth to make one experience this state of depression. I seem to have taken the poem so seriously:)...How are you doing? Long time no see.

Kamal Sharma said...

Dear Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by and caring to read. I am doing well and yes... long time. Only if you would have left a name...