Monday, October 1, 2012

Thirty Four

34, life slows
On the edge, of this ledge
Party grows, twitching shows
Scotch flows, no one knows
Dream dies, friends fly
That Bitch, found a nitch
Morning blues, alarm Snooze
Work kills, weekend thrills
Six pack, not a fact
Late nights, facebook plight
Small tits, girls hit
Porn Porn, come on
Breaking Bad, who said
CK 1, lots of fun
Mall runs, give me a gun
Broken me, no one sees
Thirty four,  I miss you more


Anonymous said...

Twenty nine, down the line,
Pearls, high heels and summer wine,
All committed, no mistakes,
Working, planning til it breaks.
No house and no kids to nurse,
All my money in one purse.
Trips and fun are on the way,
Small role in the corporate play.
Luckily all full of love,
Memories, gifts from above,
Lost a couple, won some more,
Telling him each day "t'adore".

Bring it on dear 30,
Tweet me like a birdie,
Teach me how to cook,
Watch over my look.

Also check for Sharma,
Eating so much Parma,
Ham here, curry there,
6packs filled with air :)

Kamal Sharma said...

Nice rhyme and you have quite a life of thrill
I am sure you would have it all with his will
You are an ambassador of love and goodwill
Wish you loads of luck and meat on grill
Hope your next stop be Brazil
Tell them my love story, the poison pill
Ask them to love and live it to their fill
Thanks Sil