Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oh! you make me fall for you

Oh! you make me fall for you
The tough sweet time you put me through
Those amorous kisses on my neck
And the rain of small pecks
The tight squeez of hand
With you the best seems bland

I want this dream
To lay by your side on the green
The long holidays beside the sea
You talk about the future kids we see
A little sand in the feet
And the long walks in the deserted streets

Look at the sky
The grey clouds and the cranes fly
I know it still not july
It's going to soon come by
I see in your eye
The Dream to fly and touch the sky 


Anonymous said...

Hi. How are you doing, my dear? I hope you remember me. I need help with downloading some stuff. Do you know where I can get IElTS Maximiser for Speaking? I googled it but couldn't find any safe link to download it. I need it badly. (Sara)

Anonymous said...

Hello. How are you doing? Long time no see.