Tuesday, February 2, 2010

If you not on Facebook, I do not know you.

I have always loathed (read feared) joining any group(s) or anything social which involves introducing oneself and making intelligent and proper conversations (I completely lack in this skill). I have been shouting all this while 'I do not want no thought control', but I might have to admit, I have missed meeting some nice people (and shining in their company). Remember the old adage, if you don't have your own light steal some (I just made it up - hope you like it). Let's move on.

Lately, I am hooked to Facebook (if you are not on FB please do me a favor and click on the cross sign on the top right corner of your screen). Call me snob but the only people who are going to read this post have to be on FB.

All my waking hours (I hardly sleep at home and make up for the loss in office) is spend checking and finding if any of my friend has uploaded a nice picture or written something on the wall - it gives a perfect reason to connect and bond over common things (and make up for the stupidity that I did all my life until last month when I discovered FB). I feel purged now. Thanks FB.

On last count, I have 48 friends, 61 friend requests, 6 friends suggestion and 5 group invitation. So much for being on FB ('I am not alone, you listening' - this one is for my ex ex GF). GF is short for girlfriend (don't assume it to be some sister site of FB). If you didn't know what GF is, I would request you to click on the cross sign on the top right of this page. Call me prig.

Just like we choose our friends carefully in the real world we should be careful who is on our friend list on FB (and also who is reading our blog post.)

Some stellar tips for the newbies (advisory - follow on your own peril).

- Keep your boss and your subordinate out of your friend list (why do you want them to know what you doing this evening?)

- Only add colleagues who have a common objective (ready enemy - the good old boss)

- Put the best of your pictures clicked at the most exotic locales and most expensive spots (for obvious reasons)

- Never have your ex or current on your friend list (do I need to explain this also to you. Could you please look for the cross sign on...)

- Comment only on pictures where people have left their comments (to let them know you have same if not better taste)

- In comments always mention or suggest a better beach, restaurant, holiday spot etc. (shows you are not less travelled then them)

- And when you get busted simply choose the virtual death (delete your profile)

If you have persisted reading this post you could leave a comment with your name and email, I would like to see you in my friend list on FB.


Harsh Nema said...

hmmm. time to note down.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, very nice !!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... Cute :)

vimal said...

its true , i have 9 friends after 14 days on FB , but i feel the friend list is just to show off how social u r ......
but the advisory is nice, i hope its not too late for me.
your fan since 1980

kamal sharma said...

Thanks. You guys make me feel special... some of you are not on my FB friend list but more than that you guys are on my mind always.