Saturday, February 20, 2010

Please Interview Me

Everybody fears interviews. Ask anyone that they would be interviewed and you could see tiny beads of sweat appear gently on their forehead in the freezing cold winter making it glisten more brightly than the morning sun. And if it happens to be a job interview some even have to remove their pullover (it’s getting hot in hear).
But being on the other side of the table is equally difficult.

A tid bit from one of the interview.

Who is your favourite author?
-I do not read books.

Would you like to see Rahul Gandhi as your next PM.
-No comments.

Your favourite movie star.
-I have none.

Talk about your city.
-I was not born here.

Why you here?
-For the interview.

Why you interested in this job?
-I am not interested, I just want to experience an interview.

What would you do with the experience?

-Use it in the next interview.

Thankyou for interviewing me.


Anonymous said...

You are enjoying your new role.

Anonymous said...

Areh! Asked all open ended questions, got closed ended answers... grrr. I miss the feeling of getting interviewed, lol :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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