Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hello Friend - 2

I stood in the hallway on that cold winter evening staring at room 567. It happened eight years back, I was hauled into this new school by my old man as again I had run into trouble in my last school. I have had problems with authorities, always. My old man was tired of moving me around and was giving me a change, the last chance to improve before he would disown me, that is what he told me when he dropped me there.

The army of helpers fixed things for me. I was too tired to take notice of anything around and slept off. The next morning, I was surprised to see this scrawny little wretched kid ‘K’ sharing my room. He appeared too hesitant to break ice with me. Months passed and all we had exchanged were couple of sentences. Most of the times he was neck deep in books and would refuse to play or take anything I offered, it hurt me.

I could sense that he hated me for being privileged. Yes, I had everything and was ready to share it but he kept distance. I didn’t like the fact that he hated me because of my rich father and not because of who I was. I extended my hand many a times to be friends but he was never interested. I spend two years in 567 with 'K' and then my old man pulled me off to England to get better education.

Eight years have passed and I have waited patiently for ‘K’ to pass his high school exams. It’s time to have my revenge – I have offered to sponsor his study in England, all arrangements done. He has been brought up on doles and scholarship, let’s see if his pride and principles allows him to accept it.

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