Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The time is ten and she want to rush home,
I hold on to her and we continue to roam;
We swing entwined arms like kids on beach,
She turns and kisses me on the cheek;
The feeling lingers while we walk slow,
I steal a glance and saw her eyes glow.

She frees herself reluctantly and go,
I stop and watch her flow;
I wish her to turn and smile,
She walks on with a tear in eye;
I turn around to go,
A loud noise makes me slow.

She lay on ground and shivering,
I hold her in arms she smiles her lips quivering;
Told you not to leave,
She says, ‘don’t grieve’;
The time is ten,
They waiting I shouldn't disappoint them.


Anonymous said...

nice one..really touching:-)

Anonymous said...

did it happen for real or is it your imagination singing? you are my favorite author, why have you stopped writing? please write, its like a fresh breeze! do answer.