Friday, April 29, 2011

River of Dreams

River of dreams flow through my head
Inviting me to take a ride
A promise to deliver me to a beautiful land
Where I might find a nubile bride

I laughed at the suggestion
"I am an old boy", turn the dream off
I was not heard
There I was in a bride shop

I was a lucky man
Embarrassed, I walked to the first beauty
She said, ‘Boy, you hungry for more’
I replied, ‘the dream did the duty’

She said, ‘I would walk with you
Give me a promise.
Forget me when the dream is dead.
And don't ever be a doubting Thomas.’

I woke up light headed
Found myself on the bar floor
Dirt shirt and alcohol breathe
‘WE CLOSED’ hanging on the door

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The bridal shop is closed,
You've ridden the wrong horse,
It brought you to my bar,
Got burned with my cigar.

You saw the wedding dress,
Told me you're in distress,
Then shed a tear and two,
Gave an anvice? No clue.

Went to the door, I "CLOSED"
I made some tea with honey,
And asked you for some money.

You didn't pay, got mad
I hit you with my bat,
" Let's cricket" I replied,
And on my floor you laid.

Am sorry for the smell,
Was covering the trail,
Have put you back to bed,
A dream to you I fed.

Yours, Kelly :)