Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cactus This Life

Cactus this life without you
Covered with thorns of doubt
The tears have dried
These sunken eyes speak my story aloud
Nurture me with your sweet kisses
I want to be a rose proud
Hold me and walk beside me
Don't want to be alone in this worlds crowd
Let’s run to start a new life
Under the darkness shroud
You bring your smiles
And I carry my promises and vows

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I bled for weeks, acute and endless pain
Cursing the day when you and CACTUS came.
Called it a treasure from a far away place,
Where people slave each other although in the same race.
You left it on my floor, "don't water it" you said,
And I believed I'll manage until I found it dead.

I took it in the rain and then I felt the pain,
My hands were warm and red,
The akai ito thread.

I smiled cause it was true,
It brought me back to you.
Or brought you back to me,
From far your friend I'll be.