Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Present

I wish for a Christmas white
It's cold but I see no snow in sight
There is no time to be mushy and polite
Let me reveal my plan devious, no feeling of contrite
Turn off those lights
He would be here soon in his red bright
He would slide down the chimney like a knight
I would grab him by the leg outright
I need my revenge this joyous night
The bearded man should not get away tonight
Let me wait, Let me sit tight
I don't mind being beaten in this pride fight
I need answer to the question forthright
Why I never got a present on christman night?


Anonymous said...

Nice poem. I never got a present on Christmas night either, but I know why I didn't ever get one :)

Silvia said...

It's white, it keeps snowing, it's cold and I'm chilled
With carols and hot tea feeling fulfilled,
Am waiting for God to send me his Son,
To feel like a newborn and say he's the ONE!

No presents, no tree, no red man tonight,
It's having my dear ones right here by my side.
I wish you would knock at my door cold and gray,
I'll call you my present and ask you to stay.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kamal,
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