Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Old Story

I saw my boy, sad and in pain
Tried to cheer him but in vain
The tears rolled on to his wounds raw
“She”, he said tore his heart and no one saw
I smiled, told you boy she would break your heart
But not much is lost if you forget past
Take a walk with me
Let me show you life and its beautiful colours, forget “She”
Fall in love with life; the essence is in letting go
He looked at me and said, “one reaps what one sows"


Anonymous said...

I fell in love with life,
Was beautifully sweet,
The strength to carry on,
Just made me feel complete.

The mistress of all times,
The angel of my dreams,
A candle's glow in night,
A lullaby, a kiss.

I fell in love with life,
And climbed on mountain high,
I jumped and fell on clouds,
I ate them like a pie.

An apple pie of love,
That got me fat so fast.
"How many times to jump?"
"And will that cloud still last?"

I ended up too fat.
And landed on a tree,
With pretty birds, all single,
All smiling back at me.

Damn pie! it just kept coming,
The branch just couldn't hold,
Next time I fell I landed
In grass. With bunnies. HOT

The pie was getting sweeter,
Was feeling heavy when,
I plunged and made a hole,
Got burried like a gem.

And there I stayed and waited,
Just planning my revenge,
On life and quotes and wisdom
On sugar and its friends.

But then this girl just found me,
And wore me at her neck,
I was the sweetest pendant,
The one who's heart she'll break.

Kamal Sharma said...

You at it again; I know you not fine
You tell me she is no good
And pushes me to whine
The worst friendly names you call me
But when in pain you write a rhyme
Here you seek solace from your demons
Though you pretend to kill time
Welcome to my world of absurdity
Bad poetry and a boy with fault line