Monday, April 11, 2011


Your spirit pure and free
You shower happiness like monsoon
More humane than most
You mock the immortals
Each step lightly placed
You walk like a princess
The soft curls in you dark black hair
bounce at each step leaving me breathless
Your soft rosy lips
I wish I could kiss them always
Face so beautiful
Leaving me sleepless in the night
And restless for life

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wake up Nelly,
Kelly's got straight hair :-)
But it's nice you dare,
To dream and to care.

Sorry for depraving you from sleep,
After all it wasn't that deep,
And we got nice memories to keep,
In time I'd like to take a leap.

May visit you in the night.
408 am I right?
Do not change the town,
Will even bring my gown,
And for Next King...his crown :-)