Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I weaved some dreams crazy
Shed tears of sadness
Sleepless night spent
While the toad croaked and the drums played
Long dark nights endured
Just to see her morning smile
It could be done only for her

I hold this beautiful red stone heart
Symbol of pure love and friendship
Wishing if I could go back
And relive those days
The days that started with her smile
And ended with me falling asleep beside her

Her faint smile and hearty laughter
She shared in abundance leaving me rich
Slippers floating in air and the piano's tune
Happy making of a different kind
If I could ask God for one thing
I would ask for a million Her


Silvia said...

And God would say wish something else:
Give her one of you favorite belts.
Talking myself to sleep so many nights,
Not sure you were paying attention to my rhymes.

Will miss you Shorty, will send smiles,
And hugs, and poems and more rhymes.
I'll pray for you and wish you well,
It's your perfume I think I smell?

Remember me in this nice way,
My happiness may fade away,
The time will make us both grow strong,
Until we meet? Not very long.

Anonymous said...

And relive those days/ The days that started with her simile....What do you mean by "The days that started with her simile"? Is it a typo or you did mean "simile", Mr Poet? (Sara)
I wish there was a way I didn't have to introduce myself at the end of my comments.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say; I like the picture very much. Just couldn't make out it's a girl or boy!

Anonymous said...

It's the fawn from Narnia!