Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Piano Girl

I woke up to the sweet sounds of piano,
In the middle of a beautiful dream.
In a strange hotel with crazy Nelly and Kelly,
It was a beautiful evening scene.
On the corner seat,
Sat they with Lemon tea and coffee cream.
Schemed to Bill it to room 320,
And sneak out in full steam.
Then she walks to the piano,
And plays the beautiful sad theme.
I watch mesmerized;
Bowing to her happy regime.
A joyous taxi ride back to the hotel;
A happy evening well spent on smiles and per diem.


Kamal Sharma said...
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Anonymous said...

Let's do it again,
I'm all full of pain,
My piano is waiting,
For me to start shaking.
Let's do it tonight,
You're back by my side,
My piano is crying,
For us to start fighting.
Let's do it together,
We'll perform whatever,
I'll be your sensei,
And teach you my play ;-)


Anonymous said...

You left me behind- I wanted to run,
To play my piano and end up this scam.

But they didn't let me,
In room there's no tea,
I woke up at three,
And there was no more we.
Feeling broken knee,
A price to be free.
Thunders and bad dreams on me,
Need to get another key.

Beautiful memories of my heart,
The time might tear them apart,
The Happymaker must be strong,
And start singing again her song.


Oh is beautiful Kamal :) Can drag anyone back to nostalgia