Friday, April 16, 2010

Go fly a kite!

Ouch! It's a rushed one. Yes, I plan to do away with it in flat 5 min and dash off. I still have 4 more. I am very sure what I want to write about; it about me - the landlubber. My brother say that I have a magnet in me that keeps me grounded - I have never flown. Though I have tried the old trick of jumping off the walls and roofs but have met with the fate millions have met. We humans can't fly that the reason why we pay thousands for airfare. I have another 3 min. I am little pissed and I feel its okay to use the word 'pissed' to describe one frustration with the elitism and the attitude of the high fliers. Attitude! where did they learn to talk like that. The unexpected nemesis 'Ash Cloud' has grounded many like me. Ha ha... now who is laughing. I am done. Oh! I still have 20 sec left. Before I fly... cheerio!

(The stupid picture has been filched from internet. What were you thinking AS****#)


Anonymous said...

Well its the altitude not the attitude that matters.(an exception)

Anonymous said...

You never stop to amaze me. Keep rocking (writing) :)

Anonymous said...

Aha! The best one :) write write!