Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday. Damn it!

A brand new day. It’s as saturated with goodness as a Saturday could be. It has been a while since I have been home on weekends (the buggers schedule me for work on weekend and most of the time for the night shift) and the best way to start it was to slip from office early. So I did slip and after a hearty breakfast I am tapping away at my crazy lappy. I call it crazy because it should have been dead by now but my finances and unwillingness to let it go has made me patch it up 4 times in 3 yrs and that has really made it unpredictable - now it work  & now it gives me attitude.

Oh! This post is absolutely not about Saturday and crazy lappy it’s about friends at work. I have labeled them basis their ability and they range from very ordinary to extraordinary. There is one who should implant the phone so that he can coo sweet nothing at even the most serious of the meeting into the phone while the sweetheart murmurs appreciation and then their is another one who is hardly seen at work and then their is one talent who has talent for goofing up. They also come in all shapes and sized and each has a talent and it is matched with their utility. One has a fabulous network and is the first to have the inside news - he is my man. And then there is one who has a perpetual smile but feels that he has been victimized, very confusing.

Come on, whatever they may be but they make workplace a delight to be at. I hate to be at work on weekends but love the bunch. Don't miss to say thanks to your colleagues and team mates - I do not care when the freaking Colleagues Day is.

Don't miss to read the newspaper today where an able man (HM) has offered to resign taking responsibility for the Dantewada incident.

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