Monday, April 19, 2010

No Sweat

Another beautiful Sunday spoiled. It's in the real sense of HOT, please don't misconstrue HOT for zany, snazzy, lively, sexy and whatever adjective one might use to describe an extraordinary time. The mercury is touching 44 C and inching upwards each day.

I started my day early at 7 hoping to catch some cold breeze while I read newspaper and breakfast. I was in sweat from the heat then the spicy breakfast my grumbling mom made for me; her mood seems to be in sync with the weather these days. And by 8, I wanted to run away somewhere cold and never look back. My old air con seems to be inept in countering the heat (I do not blame him) and my finances don't even allow me to but a new handkerchief - excuse me, let me wipe off the sweat. The coolers are no longer coolants and the heat is getting into my head - I am loosing my cool.

Wonder why nobody is using the phrase No Sweat anymore.

(The HOT picture has been borrowed from the internet. © who cares)


Anonymous said...

nice one........!!!

Anonymous said...

like always! try taking a quick bath everytime it gets hot! helps :)

Kamal Sharma said...

Yeah, it alway helps. Thanks for reading.