Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tea, Coffee & Mom

I do not remember when I first tasted tea but I do remember my mom trying her level best to wean me away from it. The old trick - dude you would look like what is in the cup didn't work for me. I didn't have affinity to milk at all. My mom had ample supply of it from the Jersey cows which she reared but alas! I was no taker for their milk. I would run away, hide, fake being unwell etc. from that glass of milk. But what I remember most was the involuntary tumbling of the milk glass followed by sever scolding and the compulsory spanking. It almost happened daily and I have a strong belief that it was the milk fiend; he didn't like my attitude towards milk and to teach me a lesson would tumble the tumbler. I had absolutely no hand in it and before I would react or offer explanation my mom's wrath and fury would have taken over.

Then she gave up. And I was fed nectar of tea leaves, sweetened just right with a hint of milk. I didn't mind her warning that I would grow weak and small which unfortunately turned true. I have to confess that I have tried quite a variants (white/green/oolong/tisane) but  I come back to the good old intensely sweetened overcooked tea leaves sometimes flavored with ginger/cardamon/cloves/cinnamon etc. I never cared for health benefits of tea and still don't, I just love if for the thing it do to me.

Somewhere along I discovered coffee. I for a while liked it better then tea and started demanding it. Mom was happy initially as it had milk but she happen to read/hear that it is not good for health - she confused caffeine with nicotine and its supply was limited thereafter. But my love for coffee brewed more through the college days. Today, I swing between the regular cappuccinos, espresso and the exotic ones which I can’t even pronounce.

I have always found it difficult to choose when given a choice. Coffee or Tea and I always end up making a wrong choice and then cringe all along looking at the other person's drink and sipping regretful what I choose. I am not definitely absolutely a coffee or tea lover - my loyalty sway.

I only have ONE rule - Coffee on dates and Tea at home ;).


Anonymous said...

Nice read.

Maria said...
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Maria said...

This note def. registered a familiar beat. As a child, I did everything to avoid milk. For a very long time, I was successful in making it vanish in the roots of the pomegranate or apple trees in the backyard - until my dumb dumb younger sister exposed me (and herself). Sadly, my mom never gave up. No wonder milk is still synonymous with 'oppression' in my dictionary. Sadly, I also stink at making tea or 'sheer chai'. God bless starbucks!