Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spot the LEADER

I have been reading about leadership tonight; the though primarily sprouted by a discussion on the FB group. Google returned 110,000,000 results for 'leadership'. No, I didn't read all of 110,000,000 pages but yes I did cherry pick some and found that almost everybody has a view on leadership. It's sad that we still search for one true great Leader.

Let's learn how to spot the leader (my way). Look for some of these qualities:
-Humility. I am no better or worse and would elevate you.
-Vision . Do I see a clear and vivid picture.
-Integrity. Are my actions and value in sync.
-Competence. I have earned my stripes.

It's baffling how some of us hog the limelight; some avoid it and some sulk as they couldn't get it. I have been the avoiding type with shades of sulking type. Some people shine not because they are born to shine but because they have the self belief and conviction to make a difference (I spot a LEADER there). Also, one can't borrow charisma it has to be build. They say you have to be other minded (trying to add value to others) to build charisma. Charisma would get you audience but the character would keep the audience. Character has to be bolstered by integrity. And what about integrity?

Yes, you right! We live in complex time indeed.


Harsh Nema said...

did u attended an OD training recently?

Kamal Sharma said...

Nope mate. They all rubbish... life and experience is a great teacher.