Friday, November 13, 2009

Little unknown ME

Aah! Finally. My blog is up for search in the Google search (probably after my kow-tow act to Google in my last post). I feel a little relieved and rested (it might not last long as now Adsense has started making sense and making me a wee restless). No more ranting about Google crawlers and I hope Anand has found his bearing and also a way to pull the saree the saree site AND the weather continues to be blissfully glum.

I tried to check with my friend (an active blogger - won't mention her name or the blog address to avoid her stealing my readers), if she could search for my blog. She has been my Guinea Pig since I started blogging and I have force fed her my raw blog posts (little wonder she has gained weight). She shouted, 'what! you have joined XYZ company'. It appeared that my name being a common one threw thousands of little know Kamal Sharma (s) and the mister on the top boasted about working for some little know company. To correct her, I typed my name in the search box and up came the search result #1 - 'I am an ex business partner of Mr Kamal Sharma (the man behind the NuPlayer scam), he ripped me off for over £1M back in 2000 '. That's definitely not me.

If you want to look for me (my blog), type 'catch me if you can - kamal sharma' in the Google search.

Third day in a row and no sign of the mighty Sun. My favorite pullover is still starting at me (this time in anger); I haven't bother to pick it up and it still sits in the middle of the room on the heap. Though I don't have poor habits but I somehow can't figure a way to put them all back in the overflowing closet.

Nidhi seems secretly happy with her name featuring in my post (What is the colour of your towel?) and Anand is blissfully unaware (he plays the villain hero in 'The Saree Tail') . I am sure he would hit the roof when he would learn that the secret is out. Also, my college mate Krishan has picked up on blogging and is doing a pretty nice job (I am a bit jealous).

What would you call a laptop on a desk?


valdvamp said...

We will call it aaaaaaaa ...
On desk's top...It's a laptop.


I will call it a computer.

Harsh Nema said...

Its thinkpad

roshni said...

hmm interesting....happy blogging....

rohitpandey said...

man ...this keeps getting interesting....i sometimes see a few typos though...but are grabbing eyeballs as they say ;)