Saturday, November 7, 2009

My First Post

Whoever said, 'its easy to write a blog' should be sent to the gallows. It took me a bit (4 years) before I mustered courage (tonight) to put a decent post - I hope it turns out a decent one and if you do not like it visit again to read the next one (hopefully improved).

The thought of semi-encouraging comments posted by my generous friends asking me to check my grammar, the spellings, the content of the post has kept me off till tonight. But this trite thought had to be overcome so I devoured good 10-15 poorly written blogs to gain confidence and here I am. What if they still snicker?

With some help from Harsh (he reads my extraordinary stories and he likes them) and Google, I picked up the nattiest of the template, tweaked it a bit, threw some colours added some neat snazzy gadgets to attract the casual browser (I learned this selling art from my grandfather who while packing apples for the market ensure the best were laid out on the top).

As it took shape, I grew hungry - I wanted it to be indexed immediately in Google and be searched by millions. For a minute I even though of AdSense - it made sense to make money on hits.

I made umpteen attempts to search my blog in Google but the result was zilch. Harsh consoled me to keep heart and pray that the Google crawlers creep in all over my blog soon, until then I can keep posting my stuff (and suffer - he didn't say that) with the though that not too many are suffering from the barrage of my semi-humorous posts (was he thinking aloud). This dashed the idea of AdSense, it didn't make any sense. I would question him on the use of the word 'semi-humorous'.

I think I have arrived.

Leave a comment if you like My First Post and if you didn't, return to see some improvement. Thanks for reading. AFJ2FE6ME6P7


Sambhav Sharma said...

all i can say is a gud attemt to start smthin that u had been thing for a long time... just go on ... U R GUD U KNOW THAT!!!!

All the best!!!

Samantha said...

Hey sir...u are brilliant...m coming ur way!!! Give me a day or two!!!!

Harsh Nema said...

Good time to start... As Sam said you and we know that this will be big :)

nitin said...

Mr. Sharma u will go places

Fiona said...

Well, it'as one way of making contact with you, Kamal! I'd now like you to answer my emails!
PS: 2 typo errors - otherwise, a very nice start.

Gaurav Bajpai said...

Good choice of words in your first attempt bro.
Dont just drop this out with time. This is good and as aptly pointed out by friends, we all respect your writing skills.
Would love to read more of you.


P.S. let me know when you require guest articles.

Krishan said...

finally a new writer is born

vikas said...

Some quality text after a long time ..... looking for more of these :)