Friday, November 20, 2009

Should I say - I am experienced

I happen to work at a place where I have too many and too young airheads. They seems to be perpetually happy and excited about nothing. I admire them for looking forward to weekends and having a plan (which fails most of the time). On reflection, I feel I have grown a bit old or should I say - I am experienced.

They generally can't get my humor and I in return can't gets their imbecility. I have tried to bridge the gap and even tried walking the tight rope but I have bruised myself bad and hurts myself each time I tried. I have resigned to the fact that the time would bridge the gap but on second though it won't - I would move a bit further with passing time. Ah! that's sad and equally bad because it leaves me with the same old staid company.

I partially subscribe to the Shakespeare's 'The Seven Ages of Man' and I feel life starts at 30. So I have just inched into the new 1st phase (The Seven Ages of Man rewritten). The changes in perspective and outlook happens on its own, no one forces them on an individual. However, I feel the harder one tries to look and act his age the more difficult he finds to fit the slot. Its natural and gradual.

As a gap bridging experiment, I tried to have a small talk with one of the bright sparks. He expressed that nothing much interesting has happened this week. That was unusual because most of his weeks are relatively filled with fun and adventure. We compared notes and he left in disgust -  'I was way out of his league' he said.

My definition of fun - curling with a nice book and a warm cuppa in winter, getting together with old pals, watching NG or History channel on tele. Though the last one could be put in the adventure bucket but it is fun too, so we would leave it there. And adventure generally mean not being stood up (at my age the chances are high) and not being caught ogling a babe (half my age) and couple of more unmentionable embarrassing things. Uninteresting list includes everything except the adventure and the fun pieces.

I confess - I prefer uninteresting weeks than the interesting one. Age might be catching up with me.

P.S - If you do not trust me, catch me at the F bar this weekend; just ask the DJ for Kamal. I hope you know where it is.


valdvamp said...

Yup, you are xprncd!

Neways i do get ya humor!

Harsh Nema said...

The moment you laugh, you become a kid :)

valdvamp said...

So True!

And sumtymz you laugh on thngs, on which i won't xpct you too.

But thtz kinda cute!

krishan.adhikari said...

the carefree days are over!

vikas said...
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