Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What is the colour of your towel?

I couldn't contain my excitement after posting My First Post. I have been advertising my blog all this week and I was able to make some of my friends (six to be precise/rest said they would later) force read my blog. They all were positive (who read the blog and also those who took a rain check) about my writing skills (or were they paying lip service in this dry winter while reaching for the lip balm).

Thanks for reading My First Post and leaving a comment and those who didn't comment and are returning a big welcome to you all also. I am sure this one would interest you (looking forward for a comment).

I am still a little upset; the Google crawlers have clearly avoided my blog (or they might be too slow to find my smart blog). Google has left behind the Yahoo and MSN in the race of search engines but it appears that in this race it has even left many thousand like me stranded.

My friend Nidhi seems to be much smarter than Google crawlers. She was able to spot my house (actually a small crummy flat) in the narrow lanes using her common sense (and poor habits of most of us). I was take aback when she asked me, 'what is the colour of you bath towel?'. Next moments I was in tizzy, I have never been asked such a personal question (thought once someone asked me how many times I visit the lavatory in a day). She insisted and pestered me for an answer (I was embarrassed). I have 3 towels ('azure', olive and peach) and the 'azure' coloured is a new one. I blurted 'azure'. She didn't know what 'azure' is and the next five minutes were spent explain what it looks like (I found it really difficult to describe it to her). We finally settled for a shade of blue which I now realise was not even close. 'Ahh!', she sighed. 'I just missed you house. I was around the place where you live. I saw a blue towel hanging in one of the apartment's balcony.' She still couldn't pronounce 'azure' but convinced me where I live. I nodded in agreement.

It was easy for her to spot my house when she didn't had my address but what's up with the Google crawlers. For them, I have an address and even a cute picture (actually someone finds it cute) put up for easy identification.

Could you please pass me some lip balm and by the way what is the colour of your towel?


Krishan said...

humour is the essence of the day. keep it flowing my dear friend

vikas said...

Ho ho ho ... So next time smbdy cumin ya way, ensure u hv a peach color towel hanging out - sounds familiar and can avoid unwanted entry to smbdy else's house....

Good one, by d way...!!