Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Winter Tale & The Saree Tail

The Winter Tale

Winters are here. I didn't came to know it from the weatherman but through the morning paper. It had a beautiful snow covered hillock and read - snowfall in the higher reaches of Shimla.

The story appeared true as I woke up coughing and sneezing but my cynical self needed to confirm it from a more credible source. So, I rang up my mother (she lives in a hamlet in the Kotgarh valley), she confirmed that indeed it snowed. Now that I had information from a credible and known source (unlike the secret and unknown sources of most major dailies), I set out to pull my woollies from the dark deep closets. I had taken care to fold them neatly and had liberally sprinkled the moth balls after the winters but I was disappointed to see my favorite pullover pecked at and gnawed at the most visible of the places. I winched in pain (why do they go for the favorite one?). The question went unanswered.

I avowed to add more of the moth balls post winter to have my revenge (this time the designer ones). I pulled out every piece of the woollies - the gloves, caps, muffler, pullover, sweater etc. and had a neat pile on the floor. Next customary step was to sun them. I opened the door to my balcony, there was no sun. I looked at the cloud covered gray sky, it added to my misery. I didn't wince this time but flinched (also I let out a couple of choice words). I was left stranded with a heap of woollies on the floor and my favorite pullover was on top staring at me empathizing.

The Saree Tail

My blog has eluded the Google crawlers for the sixth day running (I have changed my tone from anti-Google to pro-Google, I feel Google is providing the blog to me free of cost and if I won't stop my tirade against Google my blog might never see the light of the Google web search). I would blame it on the evil spirits who might have hijacked it and the Google crawlers are not able to locate it.

I decided to seek some professional help. My friend Anand claims that he know how to get sites search-able and also improve their search-ability (means keeping them on #1 in a search result). He had bragged to me about a month back and proudly displayed his blog on #1, it impressed me. I remembered him and asked him if he could help (I was hopeful he would). He let out a deep sigh and in a low tone broke the news that his blog was now at #2 and has been taken over by a saree web site (I wanted to burst into laughter but stopped short). I empathized with him and left him alone to figure how he would pull the saree (I mean the saree site) down.


Harsh Nema said...

And i was the first one this winter to wear warm clothes in office :)

krishan.adhikari said...

well lets hope the sun god smiles on you.