Monday, March 21, 2011

Home Is Good

Crumpled papers with coffee stains
Loud music to kill the ear
Dreams floating about
A restless mind
Heartbroken and lovesick
Clueless about future
Searching for answers
Tired of the old world
Walks out of house
Frees himself of the strings
Years later he returns
To find the old eyes waiting
Wise he became
Patience he gained
The thirst quenched
Lives meaning understood
On his door hangs 'Home Is Good'


Mihailescu said...

Unrestless and patient at the same time?
This profile slightly resembles mine.
And why are you tired? if I may ask,
You only had ONE simple task:
To find happiness
Forget loneliness
Forget future,present and even past,
Embrace a feeling that will always last.

But home is where the heart belongs,
And you got all your pink sarongs,
Go back Next King, embrace your Queen,
Tell her you're there
and that you care.
Kiss her goodbye and hit the road,
This rope ain't ending with a node.

Come back and call me mad again,
And hope this time I won't complain :-)

Kamal Sharma said...

Thx... love it.