Monday, March 14, 2011



I wish I earn a little more;
And a big car I drove.
I wish I have an army of help;
And spend time eating and belch.
I wish I live in a palace;
And spend time in its maze like Alice.
I wish I was Brad Pitt;
And could have every chick submit.
I wish I could fly;
And touch the sky.
I wish I could stop wishing;.
And enjoy my life living.
I wish I am never born again;
I hate this lives strains.


Harsh Nema said...

wow... My best wishes for your wishes :)

Silvia said...

Why wish to be Brad Pitt? He's kind of old I'd say/
No need to be reborn, in this life you should stay/
Make wishes, plans and dream along/
Thought you have picked a "happy" song/
A lesson learned: my wish came true/
And soon I'll have an apple pie...with you :-)


Geet- I'm Life! said...

clap clap :)

Anonymous said...

You killed me with these poems of yours!...I'm not Anonymous, I'm Sara. Where the hell are you?