Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mad Planet - Happiness

Lets sing a happy song;
And pretend to be mad all day long.
This happy song is all wrong;
Who said that? hey you there in sarong,
Scoot! here you do not belong.
I see a space ship with a peroxide blond;
I hope she doesn't get off wearing a thong,
On mad planet, it would be so wrong.
The happy song can't then go on,
I have waited to sing it lifelong.
Don't prolong, sing the bloody happy song;
Damn the song.
Lets rather watch Jen's flick with popcorns;
The flick has Jackie from Hongkong.
Send him back to where he belongs.
The mad planet is not mentally stong;
Nobody here wants to sing a happy song.
So long...


Silvia said...

Alone in your ship can be pretty boring/
Invite some of the folks you're kind of ignoring/
They miss you much too much to say/
But yet with them you cannot stay.

Forget the song, just turn it down/
You're the "next king", go get your crown/
The planet is not mad you know/
And wants you to just make it glow.

Forget Jen and forget Jackie/
And stop pretending you're so wacky/
Start working on your happy song/
Or sad, or short, or maybe long.

I may be back for apple pie/
And mango juice under dark sky/
Make sure that I will find you waiting/
For some of my fun #happymaking :-)

Kamal Sharma said...

You write well, must I say;
Hope you good, I always pray.
The mad planet is bright night and day,
It would welcome you for a long stay.
You could enjoy the apple pie,
Dream galore and even eat thai.
A little madness is not a crime,
I like the way your poem rhymes.
The ship is loaded with funny chums,
Don't mistake it for a gloomy slum.
The King has a dazzling crown,
Smile, don't frown.
Fun happymaking sounds great,
Keep me posted on your travel dates.