Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweet Dream

Mysterious She
I spend sleepless nights for her
Building dreams
And she ignores me

She wants me to wait
That's how she tortures me
In my dreams also
She is late

I wake up in the night
Feeling the sweet taste of her kiss
It's definately not a dream
I see her by my side


Anonymous said...

One can't help thinking that you seem to be terribly in love when you write poems like this. Good,good. Sara Anonymous :)

Mihailescu said...

Why do you dream at night?
It's dark, she's out of sight.
Exit the room, "next king"
Cause downstairs it's the fling.

Make sure you tie her well,
Or she'll become a spell,
And just before she leaves,
Start missing her soft kiss :-)

PS: make sure you leave a good tip, hotel policy!

Kamal Sharma said...

I like your suggestion
To explore this passion
The ladies are good
But don't I be misunderstood
My Love is in far land
Waiting for me with a platinum band