Friday, March 18, 2011


The gust of wind breaks the old window
The jasmine smelling air fill up the space
My dinky little pad get a new lease of life
The birds coo in the deep woods
The soft music wafts with the jasmine
My aching soul breath fine last moments


Silvia said...

Walking to work in a hot day.I entered a small buddhist temple around the corner. They had lovely purple lotus flowers at the entrance.I stopped to take some pics. And then I saw them for the first time: small, white and beautifully put together gentle flowers. I asked what they were and I've been told that Jasmin. I was so thrilled. I wanted to call you but the roamning was so damn expensive. Finally I saw the flowers that you love so much, the source of the lovely tea we enjoy sipping during our Japanese lessons and dream that someday we'll have it on a beach in the South of the country. Me in a red kimono, red lips, the cup of Jasmin tea, you teaching me new words. Like Always. My Sensei. Hope you'll get to see the Jasmin flowers someday.Meanwhile taking pics. Lots of pics for you. Damn, no more battery. Guess now I really have to go to work. #srilanka #2010

Anonymous said...

Nice poem. I liked it. You should have started to write poems like this earlier. This is what I like. Haven't ever seen a Jasmine from near though :)..... Please, in borrowing pics from the Internet use more delicacy. Sara Anonymous.